Once, Snake Eyes rendered an invaluable service to the Japanese Arashikage clan. As a token of gratitude for saving the life of the heir, he is offered to follow the secret path of the ninja for strangers. It seems to the silent loner that he has found a family, but then the secrets of his past suddenly begin to emerge. Snake will have to do everything possible and impossible to preserve his honor and not betray the trust of those close to him.

G. I. Joe. Cobra Toss: Snake Eyes is the third installment in a franchise about a mysterious organization that keeps saving the world. According to its plot, the 2021 tape is a prequel to the first two films, since the events in it unfold much earlier.

In addition, the creators are positioning the picture as a spin-off, because in the new project attention is focused on the past of the mysterious Snake, who made a vow of silence and hides his face.

Interestingly, the main characters of the fantasy action movie, like other parts of the superhero franchise, are based on the Hasbro series of figures. It was for its popularization that the first film was originally shot at indofilm.

The main role in the thriller went to Henry Golding, as the performer, who played Isa in other versions, refused to participate in the spin-off. The actress who played Scarlet was also changed: she was replaced by Australian Samara Weaving.
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