IP camera: what it is, how it works, what kind of IP cameras are there


The IP surveillance camera captures video and broadcasts the video stream in digital format using a network protocol that provides packet routing. Essentially, an Distributor CCTV Jakarta is a video surveillance camera plus a mini-computer. Consists of a matrix, lens, central processing unit, processing processor, compression processor, network interface.

How an IP camera works

The lens focuses the image on the matrix. The matrix converts the color into an electrical signal. The signal is sent to the processor for processing chroma, luminance, and more. The video stream goes to the compressor. The compressor is compressing the stream - the data is now ready to be sent to the network via the Ethernet controller.

Each IP camera has its own IP address transmitted with the connection and used to synchronize the camera with the DVR: using a command or a special program, the DVR uses the IP address of the camera and connects using it. Without an IP address, it is impossible to configure the equipment to work together, to access the IP camera from a mobile device.

What are IP cameras connected to?

The IP camera broadcasts the video stream to the recorder (server), personal computer (if the appropriate software is available), to the cloud (SaaS solution; software as a service).

Several IP cameras are connected to the recorder through a router, switch, or each to a separate port (if any). A router or switch that supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DSP) automatically distributes addresses and other network settings.
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