Henry was once one of the most celebrated snipers among the Marines. Now he is preparing to retire, but before that he receives another simple task. He has to go to Belgium, where his target will be a terrorist who travels in a high-speed train. Due to the fact that at the time of the shot, civilians are on the way to the target, Henry cannot make an accurate shot. The terrorist is shot in the neck instead of being killed on the spot.

Gemini is one of the best films in the Streaming Film Bioskop Online. The concept of the film was discussed back in 1997, with Tony Scott at the helm. Over the years, the cast and directors have changed, even a short film was shot, which in a compressed form represented the plot of the picture. However, full-scale work on the project did not begin. Filming did not begin until February 2018, with Ang Lee directing Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi.

Critics have praised Gemini's impressive visuals and strong acting performances. The reviewers noted with delight that Lee was able to bring to life a project that was by definition impossible, which passed through the hands of dozens of screenwriters. The film's worldwide gross has exceeded one hundred and seventy million dollars.
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